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Fees Schedule

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New Petition:
Chapter 7 $335.00
Chapter 9 $1,717.00
Chapter 11 $1,717.00
Chapter 12 $275.00
Chapter 13 $310.00
Chapter 15 $1,717.00
Miscellaneous Proceeding $293.00
Notice of Appeal $298.00
Notice of Cross Appeal $298.00
Direct Appeal and Direct Cross Appeal - [authorized by the Court of Appeals (in addition to Appeal/Cross Appeals fee)]  $207.00
Motion for Relief from Stay $181.00
Motion to Compel Abandonment $181.00
Motion to Withdraw Reference $181.00
Motion to Sell Property of the estate free and clear of liens under 11 U.S.C. § 363(f) $181.00
Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 $25.00
Conversion from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 $15.00
Conversion from Chapter 12 to Chapter 7 $60.00
Conversion from Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 - (fee due upon the entry of the order granting the conversion) $922.00
Conversion from Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 - (fee due upon the entry of the order granting the conversion) $932.00
Adversary Proceeding:
Complaints and Removals - (If the United States or a debtor is the plaintiff, no fee is required. There is no waiver where the plaintiff is the trustee or a debtor in possession in a chapter 11 case.) $350.00
(To qualify to the exemption of the fee for an Administrative error, either the clerk or the court itself must have made the error. The phrase "to correct an administrative error" does not include errors by the debtor, the debtor's attorney, or the trustee. No Exemption for Cases Closed for Failing to Certify Debtor Education Courses.)
Reopening Chapter 7 $260.00
Reopening Chapter 9 $1,167.00
Reopening Chapter 11 $1,167.00
Reopening Chapter 12 $200.00
Reopening Chapter 13 $235.00
Reopening Chapter 15 $1,167.00
Splitting Cases:
(Administrative fee for filing a case under Title 11 or when a motion to divide a joint case under Title 11 is filed, $75.00 for chapters 7, 12, 13 and $550.00 for chapters 9, 11, 15 )
Splitting a case chapter 7 $335.00
Splitting a case chapter 11 $1,717.00
Splitting a case chapter 12 $275.00
Splitting a case chapter 13 $310.00
Pro Hac Vice (per appearance) - (Fee must be paid at the U.S. District Court of PR in compliance with the provision set forth in Local Rule 83A of the Local Rules for the District of Puerto Rico) $300.00
Miscellaneous Fees:
Copies (per page) $0.50
Electronic copies from Courthouse terminal (per page) $0.10
Certification of any record or document (For Negative Certifications, see NOTES) $11.00
Search of record (per name or item searched) $31.00
Amendments - Schedules D, E and F $31.00
Amendments to Master Address List $31.00
Electronic Record – reproducing and transmitting a copy of a record in electronic form (applies to any record stored outside of the court’s electronic case management system) $31.00
Record Retrieval from Archives (one box) $64.00
Retreival for each additional box $39.00
Reproduction of recordings $31.00
Exemplification $22.00
For any payment returned or denied for insufficient funds $53.00
Filing or Indexing of Miscellaneous Paper $47.00
Registration of a Judgment from another District $39.00
Registration of discharge of debtor granted in another District $39.00
Transfer of claim $25.00
Motion to redact a record (per case affected) $25.00
Electronic Record Retrieval - Judiciary Administrative Fee $10.00
FRC Electronic Record Retrieval (to pull and re-file record) $9.90
FRC Electronic Record Retrieval (per page) $0.65


1. Fees pursuant to the Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule (Effective 09/01/18).
2. Filing fees must be paid by signed check, money order, cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Make checks or money orders payable to “Clerk, US Bankruptcy Court”. Personal checks or credit cards from debtors will not be accepted.
3. Exact change only will be accepted for cash payment of fees and services.
4. For cases filed in Installments, debtor(s) must pay $50.00 at the time of the filing of the petition - (Local Rule 1006-1(a)).
5. Refunds - See PR LBR 5080-1.
6. Request for Negative Certification is $42.00 (includes the Search Fee).