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Electronic Learning Modules

Please click on the desired link to view a presentation on how perform the action in CM/ECF. After opening the link, please wait for the module to load (3-5 mins, depending on your Internet connection speed). If you encounter any error in a module, please contact our systems department at (787) 977-6080 or send an email to .

Using the Utilities Menu in CM/ECF

Open a Bankruptcy Case

Submit a Statement of Social Security Number (B21 Form)

Upload the Creditor Mailing Matrix

Submit a Plan

Objection to Plan

File a Relief from Stay Under 362

File a Notice of Appearance and Request for Notice

File, or Amend, a Claim

Open an Adversary Proceeding Case



Friday June 21, 2013 Local Bankruptcy Rules Seminar Materials

A Panoramic View of PR LBR 3015-2
LBR 3015-2 Chapter 13 Local Rule Timetable
LBR 3015-2 Presentation

Reminder - Payment
Reminder - Attachment

CM/ECF Attorney's Manual

Attachment 1 - General Order 05-01 (Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing)
Attachment 2 - General Order 06-01 (Adoption of Interim Local Bankruptcy Rules)
Attachment 3 - CM/ECF Dictionary List

Events and Instructions to file Tranfer of Claims
Events and Instruction to file Schedules and Amendment of Schedules
Events for Installment Payments

Summary of all the new Rules effective 12/1/14
Chart of the new forms and new events
Bankruptcy rules, fees and form changes

New Official 2015 Bankruptcy Forms in CM/ECF - Overview for Attorney

Federal Bankruptcy Rule, Fee and Form Changes - Effective December 1st, 2016


Federal Rules of Civil Procedures Amendments American Bar Association Resources Page